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We're an environmentally friendly company who specialise in many print areas including operational print, transactional print, computer print, laser and impact.

We also specialise in pressure seal paper and payslips, pressure seal machines, e-payslips, transaction print, logistics forms and labels.

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Pressure Seal Machines

The latest, fastest and the most flexible equipment is now a given just to survive in today’s print market.

BB850 Pressure Sealer
BB350 Pressure Sealer

The print industry is currently right in the middle of the long awaited migration from lithographic to digital. We work with both. We also believe that this migration will not be total and that for the foreseeable future litho will be the preferred option for a number of products.

Handling artwork, paper handling, adhesive and temperature control are differentials however and these rely as much on training and care as technology.

We would be happy to go into more technical detail anytime, however, print is a small world and we know our competitors have modern/efficient equipment. We believe that when everybody has access to similar technology the reason people choose BurrBaxter is down to knowledge of how to use the latest developments coupled with old fashioned care and responsibility.

Made in the UK, a suite of six machines from the desktop 350 (3,500 per hour) up to our flagship 2000 (20,000 per hour).

BB350 Pressure Sealer

BB350 Pressure Sealer (Click image to play operational video)

The BB350 processes documents at 3500 forms per hour and creates a fast, more cost-effective and direct route from printer to mail room. Processes Z, C and V fold forms. The BB350 can either be used as a complete stand-alone system, or as part of an on-line system.

By linking the sealer on-line with a laser printer, not only is the job done in a single step, but security and integrity are increased as the document is not handled between printing and sealing. In the event of a misfeed, the entire front cover of the BB350 opens, giving clear, safe access to the entire paper path through the system.

BB850 Pressure Sealer

BB850 Pressure Sealer (Click image to play operational video)

The BB850 is a medium volume machine, capable of processing up to 8,500 forms per hour. Features include auto calibration, double document detection, variable speed control and user friendly interface. It has variable fold adjustment and will process forms up to 14” deep and 241mm wide. Processes Z, V and C fold forms.

The BB850 also has continuous forms processing capability. Two optional output devices are available. The BB850 features an informative user interface, making it even easier to control your monthly throughput. Due to its innovative construction, the BB850 now offers unrivalled access ensuring maximum uptime. Additional features also improve overall serviceability.