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We're an environmentally friendly company who specialise in many print areas including operational print, transactional print, computer print, laser and impact.

We also specialise in pressure seal paper and payslips, pressure seal machines, e-payslips, transaction print, logistics forms and labels.

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BurrBaxter History

BurrrBaxter Print was established to provide an integrated service in print material, pressure seal machines and electronic services. The company has expanded whilst working in partnership with many of the UK’s leading private and public sector organizations.

Station Road, Cheadle

Previous to our current premises we were based in a historical building in Cheadle. It was built in 1683 by Alderman John Millington. Standing in the grounds of Millington Hall and was used for the weaving and printing of silks for the gentry under the reign of James II. Taken over by the methodist church in 1814 until 1968, it was returned to commercial print by BurrBaxter print Ltd.Placeholder Image

BurrBaxter Cheadle